Adjustable Gastric Band


In the adjustable gastric band procedure, the surgeon attaches a special type of band to the upper part of the stomach. This band creates an isolated pouch on the stomach. When the stomach contracts, patients begin to feel a sense of fullness after consuming a small amount of food. With the gastric band in place, patients do not desire to consume excessive amounts of food, reducing their calorie intake.

The level of hunger experienced by patients depends on how tightly the band fits around their stomach. If the doctor leaves more space under the pouch, the patient can eat more. The tightness of the band is adjustable, and the doctor can readjust the opening. They do this by injecting a sterile solution into the band or removing it if they want to enlarge the opening. To facilitate this, the doctor leaves an access point to the band beneath the patient’s skin.


  • The stomach cannot hold as much food as before.
  • After the surgery, patients typically lose about 40-50% of their excess weight.
  • The gastric band surgery does not require any incisions on the stomach or intestines. The stomach is not cut in this operation.
  • Additionally, there is no bypass to the small intestine in this procedure.
  • This operation requires a very short hospital stay. Patients can leave the hospital within the first 24 hours.
  • This obesity surgery provides the most flexibility.


  • In the early stages after the surgery, this procedure offers the slowest weight loss.
  • Compared to other obesity surgeries, fewer patients achieve a weight loss of 50% of their excess weight with this procedure.
  • This procedure involves the insertion of a foreign object into the body.
  • Postoperative care is strict, requiring patients to follow guidelines. Additionally, patients need to regularly visit their doctors for check-ups.

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