The first twelve months after LAP-BAND surgery are critical for weight reduction success. During this time, it is common for people to see their doctor every two to four weeks for band-fills and assessments. This is due to the fact that each person’s biology and appetite are distinct, necessitating differing amounts of restriction from the band to guarantee they feel full fast.

What is LAP-BAND?

The LAP-BAND is a form of weight reduction surgery in which a band is wrapped around the top of the stomach. This band limits the quantity of food that can be held in the stomach, allowing patients to feel fuller after eating less. The surgery is reversible, and the level of restriction may be changed. The LAP-BAND is one of the least intrusive and safest bariatric surgery available.

ALLERGAN, a well-known Irish pharmaceutical company behind drugs such as Restasis, Latisse, Botox, Lexapro, and Juvederm, has received FDA clearance for its LAP-BAND® device. Despite the fact that it has been on the market for some time, there are now a number of reliable generic alternatives for this product.

The LAP-BAND, commonly known as a laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding, is a minimally invasive abdominal surgical technique. This procedure takes between one and two hours to complete. A doctor places a flexible silicone band in the upper part of the stomach using tiny tubes with cameras and thin surgical equipment. This is complemented by a balloon-like structure embedded inside the band.

The LAP-BAND is placed in the pouch, which is the upper section of the stomach. After some digestion, the food is able to travel through the band to the lower stomach. This method separates eating into two parts, limiting the quantity of food that may be consumed at one time.

Surgeons place a port into the patient’s abdominal wall to facilitate future access to the LAP-BAND. This port is hidden from view and acts as a permanent access point. This avoids the need for multiple operations anytime a fill is necessary and simplifies and comforts the procedure.

The non-invasive technique employed by Istanbul Bariatric Group while giving LAP-BAND fills is a significant benefit, which we shall address more in the future.

What Exactly Is a LAP-BAND Refill?

Once the gastric band and port are in place, medical professionals may inject saline into the balloon under the band through the port. This LAP-BAND modification minimizes the aperture that the LAP-BAND seals off to match the individual’s needs. If a person isn’t getting enough nutrients, the balloon may need to be loosened. If the LAP-BAND allows too much air to travel through, the full balloon may be tightened to close the hole.

What is the frequency of LAP-BAND refills required?

In order to get the most appropriate size for the person, the first 12 months of wearing a LAP-BAND would demand a fill up to 5 times. Some patients may need further care. Following the first year, it is recommended that you see the operating surgeon at least biannually for a fill.

What is the procedure for determining the volume of fill required by my doctor?

An overloaded LAP-BAND would make eating hard, rapidly leading to malnourishment and health problems. If it is underfilled, the LAP-BAND will not operate effectively since food will flow through too rapidly. Because each person is different, determining the proper quantity of saline to put in the balloon requires striking a balance between these two extremes. This procedure may need to be repeated many times.

To ensure you’re receiving the necessary nutrients, your doctor may ask you a series of health and lifestyle questions. It may be helpful to maintain a food journal to help you answer these questions more clearly.

  • How often do you feel the urge to eat?
  • Do you eat snacks on a regular basis?
  • How much do you eat in a single meal?
  • What kind of food do you consume?
  • Do you consume enough protein?
  • When do you feel full?

Your doctor will use the answers to these questions, as well as your weight and capacity to absorb critical nutrients, to determine whether to increase or decrease the saline concentrations.

What is the LAP-BAND Filling Procedure?

Your IBG surgeon will use advanced technologies to provide a pleasant experience for the patient and to improve the procedure.

What Makes Fluoroscopy Unique?

Fluoroscopy has distinguishing features that set it different from other imaging procedures. It offers the benefit of capturing real-time pictures of inside structures, allowing for more accurate diagnosis.

Fluoroscopy is the method of choice at Istanbul Bariatric Group for all LAP-BAND fill treatments. Within a few seconds, we get a glimpse of the port thanks to this form of X-ray. This means we can precisely place the needle without having to guess or attempt many times. We are certain that you will be happy with the outcomes of a fluoroscopy-assisted fill and will never want to try another approach again.

Begin Your LAP-BAND Journey

At Istanbul Bariatric Group, we think that it is critical for our patients to be active in their LAP-BAND journey. Not only can our medical staff see your band using Fluoroscopy, but you can as well! This allows us to tailor your band to the peculiarities of your body, enabling you to achieve your objectives and enjoy optimal weight reduction efficiency.

To achieve this purpose, we provide you the option to observe your band and how it functions, as well as how your activities influence it. As an active participant in the LAP-BAND journey, you may utilize this knowledge to make little changes that will result in improved results.

Examine the LAP-BAND System’s Potential

When you have band filling done, you may see the band on the screen! Our patients often want a ‘upper GI’ picture to determine the tightness of the band. This is really helpful in understanding how much food you should eat in order to get the most out of the band.

Improving Habits for Better Performance

Fluoroscopy not only offers a visual representation of the band, but it may also assist you in relating the band’s feel to your dietary choices. This may reveal any behaviors or tendencies that are stopping you from reaching your weight reduction objectives. It is strongly advised that you have a dietician or metabolic team on hand to help you overcome or prevent these behaviors.

Istanbul Bariatric Group is here to help you whether you have undergone lap band surgery with us or elsewhere! We would gladly negotiate with your insurance company to reimburse the cost of your band fills. Contact us for more information about band fills, lap band surgery, and other relevant issues.

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